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Entertainment and event services encompass a broad range of activities and offerings designed to provide enjoyment, amusement, and social engagement for individuals or groups. These services can take various forms, from live performances to digital content and interactive experiences.

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Let our professional, international DJs and entertainers at Box Entertainment handle everything involved in your next event or occasion. We offer a variety of services which include providing 5-star hotels, nightclubs, and bars with international DJs, DJ’s for all special occasions, and music equipment rentals.

Furthermore, we provide hotels, clubs, and bars with musicians such as singers and bands. We can also offer LED Signs, Photo booths, and inflatable cinema at various events and occasions. With this, we can make your event as sophisticated as you always desired.

Our entertainment crew comprises of a team of international DJs, professional entertainers, singers, performers, event organizers and so forth. By making use of their skill, knowledge, and experience over the years, they can help make your event one to always remember. No other Dubai-based entertainment company has what it takes to deliver outstanding, unparalleled services like us.
Our Wedding Planning service is for couples who feel they need the full support and experience of a wedding planner. At the initial consultation, we will really get to know your ideas and wishes for your wedding and any style you have in mind. We will then use our experience, contacts, creativity and planning
Taking care of the music tastes and choices of various individuals at hotels, nightclubs, and bars, as well as playing the right frequency and kind of music requires talent and skill. This is where we excel. At Box Entertainment, we provide 5-star hotels, clubs, and bars with world-class international DJs.

Our international DJs are well-experienced, competent, and highly skilled in the art of disk jockey. By making use of their skill and expertise, they can deliver the ultimate DJ/music experience for everyone present. You can always count on our international DJs to make the atmosphere lively and bubbling all night long.
Are you planning to organize an event? Music is an essential aspect of every event and occasion. Let our experienced DJs at Box Entertainment thrill your guests with exquisite DJ services. Whether you are organizing a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any other special occasion, our DJs are perfect to handle the music aspect. We guarantee to mesmerize your guests and sweep them off their feet with the right kind of music.
We provide AV equipment rentals for 5-star hotels, clubs, and bars who are looking to hire music equipment for their shows and events. We offer you a wide range of AV equipment which includes speakers, lighting, microphone, special effects, lasers, and so forth.

Our AV equipment delivers quality and clear sounds. We are in business to help you avoid the embarrassment that comes with hiring low-quality music equipment and sound systems. With our AV equipment rental services, you can be assured that your music, speaker, and lightening needs are well covered.
Light up your occasions and events with our fascinating LED signs. These LED signs featuring high pixel pitch and scrolling action. With this, they can display multiple messages using various graphics and text of different sizes. Whether you are welcoming guests to your event, sending a message across, or just want to make the atmosphere look amazing, we have the right LED signs for you.
Pictures say a lot at every event and occasion. For your parties, events, weddings, and occasions, our photo booths are just the perfect option to help capture those incredible moments and superb smile. Our photo booths come with exquisite design and unique features that are perfect for your event photography. We also offer personalized photo booth rentals that will make your event photography wonderful and memorable.
We provide hotels, clubs, and bars with musicians to help thrill guest. From singers to world-class bands, vocalists, dancers, and live performers, you can trust our extensive network of musicians to deliver an ultimate music experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our musicians will deliver a lifetime performance that will forever be remembered by your guests.
Are you looking to organize an outdoor movie? We provide inflatable cinema and outdoor movie screens for large groups of audience. You can always count on us for crystal clear movies inflatable cinema for your large audience.

Above all, our inflatable cinema always delivers high quality visual and audio that will leave your audience buzzing with excitement. We are the perfect entertainment company that can help bring the outdoor movie experience to your delight.
Box Entertainment brings our popular wireless silent disco headphones to you via our dry hire service. Delivered right to your door and incredibly easy to set up, you can create your own silent event exactly the way you want it by connecting your music playing devices to three channel transmitters. Our silent disco headphones are a great idea for kids parties, weddings, festivals, house parties and much more.
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