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Antoine (Arabicطوني قلدس‎, ; born January 20, 1984), known professionally as Tony , is an Egyptian-Greek singer, composer, performer, and healer who has spent his first 25 years in Egypt.

Tony expressed his artistic talents since he was 4 years old by imitating actors and actresses after watching any film or a play shown on the television. Due to the restricted life that his parents were not appreciating his artistic expression when he was a child and he had to stop showing his talent for longtime. Once, he reached 16 years old, Tony sang one religious song in French and since then the singing career starts to open for him. His incredible talent of blending jazz, classical, pop, and world music was shown through his songs and the concerts he performed by mixing several genres and languages to create predominantly different works.

He studied Classic singing for 6 years in Cairo Opera house aside the studies in Architecture. Due to the many talents, he was called by the press that he is one of the few multi-potentialists in the world who could learn and do several things. Looking at his career, it is full of different learning and works he did. Tony studied architecture and he worked for years aside singing as an underground singer and as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, Retoucher and Digital Marketeer; which taught him a lot about other sides of arts combining them with business and practical practices. Tony also used his intuition and his healing talent through studying different type of healing practices like Quantum Touch, Chakra Healing, Hypnotherapy and combining them with his knowledge in music and voice. Important to mention, his works as a Voice Over, enriched his experience through singing and acting in the Arabic versions of Disney movies and for commercial advertisements as well.

He received an international recognition from Time for Peace in Brussels in 2012 representing the Middle East in an Arabic song, written by the latest Gibran Khalil Gibran, composed and performed by Tony himself.

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