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Contemporary, inventive and mixed flamenco repertoire with compositions that range from various artistic universes such as world and jazz music. The diversity of these influences contributes to the originality and richness of this trio, which sublimates tradition with audacity and finesse. Although their music is based on the flamenco heritage, it should not be taken only in its simple musical sense but also as a devouring passion for the trio, an unusual and original essence which fuses sensations and soul. Transmitting and sharing the spirit of their origins, each composition is arranged for flamenco guitar, electric bass and ethnic percussions. Together they form a powerful instrumental trio that connects directly with the audience. With balanced melodies, rich harmonies and musical details, OLEO’s performances capture the listener from the very first note. When these three artists come together on stage, we just have to sit down and enjoy the magic of this meeting.


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