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" Master purveyor & music timing expert of deep, feel-good vibes"

That's how Tarzan describes himself as a DJ. With no fear of going too deep, his emotive musical selections are his own therapy. Having grown up on an eclectic combination of funk music (George Clinton, Morris Day), European electronica (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream), synth-infused with his own love for down-tempo house, deep oriental and afro-tribal music.

Tarzan ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of this music that he loves best; beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, and occasional riff & vocal hooks.. and when the time is just right, all juxtaposed on top of a pronounced foot-shuffling, booty bumpin', hips groovin' baddass house beats.

As an active member of his local community, Tarzan is no stranger to the ups-and-downs of music scene. Though he loves playing in nightclubs, and festivals, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes and found plenty of ways to express himself musically through several musical instruments namely; the guitar and percussions. No one can question Tarzan's versatility; whether he's creating a night woven with ambient dark and mysterious beats, or changing up the dance floor with electrifying vocals, Tarzan intuitively works a room with his creative mixing and programming style, playing music for the masses, as well as the most discriminating audiences. His style has become an unmistakable sound that has been heard from space to the surface of the sun.

Music enables Tarzan's soul to speak. You feel him inside of you when you hear his music and you immediately understand the passion, love and respect he has for music. His focus is always on the feeling and the realness of the music and its message, ensuring the timing and genre are on point.

"For me, it's all about the mood, setting, vibe and a deep, hypnotic groove, playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style , or release date"
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