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Longevity, creativity, contacts and infectious energy, Sugarfed is a true stalwart to his profession. Now cruising into his 3rd decade working as a professional DJ, Sugarfed is uncompromising in his work ethic. A true DJ at heart, his friends and colleagues quote him as the "shaker upper" an unparalleled ability to read crowds and deliver has seen Sugarfed work in over 20 countries to date. 
Originating from Bristol in the UK, 2nd only to London in terms of musical productions, Sugarfed’s journey started in 1988 working as a roadie for legendary Bristol Rave DJ Easygroove and also working for a youth centre mobile roadshow. Honing the craft using 12" vinyl, technics 1200's and the now legendary phonic MRT60 mixer. 
Few can rival the lengthy experience of Sugarfed’s professional career which has seen him embrace positions such as, Pirate radio show host, Pirate TV host, Club promoter, Rave promoter, analogue producer, Vinyl bootlegger, vinyl buyer for record shops, Club DJ, Festival DJ, Carnival DJ, Free party DJ, Rave DJ, MC, and everything else in-between. 
 Sugarfed, the Deep Rinse collective alongside Djs Coldcut pioneered the first online streaming of Dj’s through their PirateTv platform in 2002. Contributors from California, Brazil, Asia and the United Kingdom would share LIVE weekly slots of their music and beam it to every corner of the planet. “These were really exciting times, it felt great to be amongst such forward thinking internet anarchists. To put it into perspective, we were doing this 3 years before YouTube was launched. It was wholly unregulated, the consequences of what we were doing were unknown, we visualised pirate radio and as such had to wear bandanas to cover our faces whilst on the stream”

From Boutique clubs in London and Bristol to European festivals, Sugarfed has the experience to entertain crowds from a few hundred to tens of thousands. He's created his own successfull Club brands, manufactured bootlegged vinyl, DJ'ed under various Alias, Dj Danny Rose, Dj Sugarfed, Dj Favour and Dj Garland, these days you can catch him as Dj Danny Rose playing funk, soul, hip/trip hop, rare groove or DJ Sugarfed playing his beloved House music.

To date Daniel "Sugarfed" Rose has held residencies and guest spots, in The UK, France, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Canary islands, Corfu, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Croatia, Jersey, Guernsey, Cyprus, Malta, Bahrain and now Happily based in Abu Dhabi UAE. Past and Current UAE residencies and guest spots include: Double Decker (Dubai) Porters (Abu Dhabi) Sky Lounge (Abu Dhabi) Sho Cho (Abu Dhabi) Al Maya Island (Abu Dhabi) Boston Bar (Dubai) Viewz (Abu Dhabi) Guest Dj for time out award winning "Funch" both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Rich List Abu Dhabi F1 weekend, Easy Tiger Abu Dhabi, W Hotel Abu Dhabi, Harvey Nichols Dubai.
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