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It was quite apparent from a young age that Simon had a different music taste to his friends. He would have old Motown classics on his iPod rather than pop music. Simon’s uncle was a Motown DJ, and as Simon grew older he started to experiment a lot more across the house spectrum and gain a vast knowledge. He developed a real passion for this and from the age of 19 he used his wide range of musical influences to play in professional venues. Starting out as a warm up DJ in Nottingham, he played a mixture of disco, chill out and piano sets. He was playing similar sets in Derby before finally making a breakthrough, playing at peak time at a great underground house/techno venue called Sunlounge. Simon then decided to move to Dubai where his DJing career started to take off. He boasts playing at most of Dubai's exclusive clubs and beach bars with many successful residencies along the way. Simon has spent the last 6 years living in Dubai and over the last 2 has been playing 9 months of the year in Dubai and 3 months of the year in the U.K. and Europe.
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