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Born and raised in France, he started his music training at the age of 6 to the age of 17 in the French Conservatory of Music. He was immersed in all forms of music, from classical to contemporary, Jazz and Soul, combined with classical theory, history of music, composition, classical music and instrumental training. From the age of 18, He applied his music education and skill to launch his singing career, whilst studying at Law University for 6 years and obtaining a diploma in Law, however his passion and natural talent is music. He started singing and playing at piano bars, open mic and small venues where he developed contacts with professional singers and musicians and utilized his artistic sensitivity and training to work as a music arranger, backing vocalist, and lead singer for over 100 projects with audience from 30 to 5000 people. Today, he is using his skills at the service of different clients, agencies, venues and artists, as a professional singer, talented arranger and producer. He use his knowledge and experience to help others develop their vocal talents and achieve their goals, whilst continuing my passion to sing professionally at numerous high-profile venues.
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