It takes a special talent and bent of mind to start a music property and sustain it. Roane has formed or been a part of quite a few such properties, adding his flair and aptitude to many a music space. Urbansoundz & DIRT were among the first few properties formed by Roane. He is currently working on a few other projects like Madbong, which is a yet to be launched Electronic project. Roane also formed and heads his own company Audioheadz, which curates the music and handles all the clubs he is associated with. Roane has also collaborated with a host of musicians by touring with them, like he did with Mukul Deora for the launch of his album Stray and with Ishq Bector as his dj/turntablist. It is said that in the hands of a master, records create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people’s lives. One can instantly recognize that Roane epitomizes this, when one tunes into to the remixes he has made for movies like Fruit And Nut, Bird Idol. Gondhal, and Nasha, to name a few.
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