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Pretty much what i was inspired to learn and craft in music production and Deejaying were all self Discovered and self taught at a very young age of Cassette tapes, VHS and VCDs with no internet or cable tv, and being fortunate enough to have a Pentium 1 or Celeron computer. I wanted to make music and play music just for the sake of it, with no expectations of the outcome. I was raised in an alcohol free & drugs virgin environment, where i’ve learned music from it’s electronic dance side, then my ears started picking up and reaching out to other historical music styles. My first break through in music knowledge was when i discovered vinyl records in 2001 and those records were singles for DJ use only « Trance-House-Techno-Minimal-Electro-Nuskool Breaks. Used to spend hours at Virgin Megastore just sifting through records and CDs while admiring the artworks and music. I was amazed how actual Humans can creat such a wonderful masterpiece of Artwork and futuristic sounds. I was under the impression that a higher race of beings were creating these kinds of music and we managed to pick them up here on Earth. I’v been into music since 13 years old and if you ask me, how come i’m not well popular worldwide, i can proudly say that my theme is far more powerful than just being popular, my mission is to figure out Life first and why i’m here and to remember the agreement that i made before coming to this beautiful planet.
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