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Bio Mike Lachman 
Mikeʼs interest in music is immense. He appreciates a wide
variety of music such as hip-hop, funk, punk, rock, R&B,
reggae, latin, classic and club music.
Inspired by all these genres, he has created his own style
and passion in house music.
The music he mixes can best be described as a fusion of
soulful, funky, latin, tribal, electro and tech house.

Mike started playing at clubs and bars in and around Amsterdam,
where he played almost every kind of music.
He got fascinated in the “House” sound after hearing the
record “D-Shake – Yaaaahhhhhh”. Mike quickly knew that this
style of music was what he was searching for.

His career as an up-and-coming house dj started in 2002 in
Kreta when he got the chance to become one of the residents
of Starbeach. A year later he started to perform in different
countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and

He has performed with such noted djs as:

Carl Cox, Tom Novy, Jodee Kitch, Tube & Berger, The Beatthieves, Gregor Salto,
Onnik, Rob Boskamp, Benny Rodriguez, Afrojack, Jean, Gilton
Franklin, Jurgen, Abel Ramos, Fudge, Javi Mula, Juan Reyez,
Mikel Molina and Sergio Perez. Past Notable Show and stil regular in : USA: 
The Temple, Otis Lounge, The W. in San Francisco 

The Sutton Club, Soma, Shoko, Carpe Diem Club, club Le Monde, club Broadbar, The Opium Club, LaSal, club Oasis, Catwalk, Club13 and The Loft in Barcelona. 
La Carpa, Club Revolution, La PagayoLoco in Lloret da Mar. 
club KM, Bar Friends and The KU in Benidorm. 

Pop Star Bar in Kaunas, Berlin Club Bar in Vilnius 

Akademien in Jonkoping 

Club Zillion in Antwerp. 

Starbeach, The Matrix, The Vibe, The Jungle Club, Cirkus, Beachmasters outdoor events and Cameo Club in Chersonissos. 

Demode in Modena. 
Predisco in Bologna. 

Omundo, Zanzibar Beach, Mambo Beach, Wet n Wild beach, club Cartouch, de Boot, Cinqo in Willemstad. 

Club Prime in Amsterdam 
club Roque in Amsterdam 
club St Paul's Lounge in Amsterdam 
club Rain in Amsterdam 
Zebra in Amsterdam 
The Mansion in Amsterdam 
club Royalty in Amsterdam 
club A. M. (Amsterdam Marcanti) in Amsterdam 
Club Choi6 in Alphen A/D Rijn 
Hi-Lite in Schaijk 
7eVenue in Zaandam 
Escape DeLux in Amsterdam 
Strand-West in Amsterdam 
Werck in Amsterdam 
Enjoy in Amsterdam 
Booby's Bar in Hoofddorp 
Mambo in Almere 
Club M in Zandvoort 
Stalker in Haarlem 
Club Palavra in Venray 
Next Level in Venray 
Ambianz in Zeeland 
LatinExperience in Hoofddorp and Lelystad 
Faith In House!!! in Venray 
Club Arena in Lelystad 
Spetters in Zoetermeer 
Radio Hitec in Dommelen (Livestream Radio) 
DiscoBays in Reutum 
Beachclub The Coconuts in Winterswijk 
Rokkefeller in Schaijk 
club Paparazzi in Valkenswaard
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