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Mabisleibys Cruz Álvarez a Cuban nationality.
Living in United Arab Emirates- Abu Dhabi, graduated from Elementary Level at Vocational Art School “Manuel Muñóz Cedeño”, on the specialty Choral Chant on 2008. -Evaluated with the Certificate of Individual Evaluation 3st Level, on the specialty of Saxophone, as Musical Instrumentalist for Orchestra and Band on 2012.
2012 Cuba-Havana teacher at the Middle School of Music “Casique Hatuey” as an adaptation to the career (degree degree). 2013 -2015 Cuba – Havana I join Provincial Concert Band , I was instrumentalist Saxophone classic music, after this I worked with different bands in the city playing Latin music. 2016 German Karisma Band with Dance Company “Danzarte” as a band where we participated the International Event and obtained the First Place in Balinger city . 2017 Jordan -Amman with Cuban Band as saxophone player and singer, where we developped several performances playing international music in Millenium Hotel. 2018 – 2019 China I worked as saxophonist and pianist with Venus band where we play international and Latin music in Xiu restaurant 5*. 2019- present United Arab Emirates I worked as saxophonist and pianist in different places such as Le Meridiem, Park Rotana, Media Rotana hotels etc Abu Dhabi and Dubai
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