Juliet Arndt



Juliet grew up with hypnosis, healing, spirituality always being a vital part of her life. Her German grandmother, who was a healer and hypnotist honed Juliet’s hypnotic skills. After a successful performance on "Germany got Talent" show, she took the corporate world by storm and was invited to performed for various VIP events internationally in Las Vegas, New York, Germany, India, Oman, Pakistan, Lebanon, Nepal. In her show she will read your mind, know exactly when and what time you are born, who your best friend is and even your secret pin code. She will interact with the audience and amaze you with her charm and wit. In her shows You will be the Superstar, as every experiment that Juliet will perform, she will use her mind and Your mind to blow everyone's mind away. Her one-woman psychological entertainment shows are booked by public and private sector. The shows are designed to illustrate sense and meaning. Juliet is aware of different cultural nuances worldwide, as she carefully tailors her shows with her clients for special occasions. She has performed for numerous VIP clients worldwide and the prestigious YPO organization regards her as a valuable resource worldwide.
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