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He is an educator with 3 years of experience teaching in primary and middle school, guiding students from grades 1 to 8. He has also taught at various music centers since 2010. He is a compassionate and creative teacher with experience in classroom management, planning, and delivering the desired curriculum. He is very focused on the education environment of his students, making sure it is student-centered. He is effective working within a teaching team or performing independently. Technology is a big part of our lives today, and he is well-versed in the technology of education - both in the classroom and online. As a performer himself, he believes that especially Percussion instruments play a big part in the development of young students, as Percussion instruments tend to be at the basis of all instruments, and it is easy enough to perform at a relatively good standard. At the moment, he is looking to expand his career by teaching not only the American curriculum but also the British or IB curriculum. He is a quick learner, and he is sure he will be able to deliver the above, given any opportunity to do so. He is a true believer in the “life-long learner” concept and wants to continue to help and encourage students to increase their subject knowledge and potential by developing their talents. Working in teaching can present challenges on a daily basis, so a certain amount of adaptability is important. He may have a great lesson plan, only to realize he needs to change it within the lesson, in order to have a successful outcome. As he is passionate about his subject, he wants to share his love and enthusiasm for different types of music with the students he teaches. He is able to motivate students to participate in lessons and complete each set task to the best of their ability. Therefore, it is important to have variety in the classroom by developing an interesting curriculum and exposing students to different genres of music. However, students still need to learn about the elements of music from a very young age. He believes he can make a difference to any school, given the opportunity, making sure each student makes progress at their own level. The aim is always to develop the creativity of each student within the Arts, and for this, he takes the students themselves as inspiration. This means that he includes in the curriculum not only age-appropriate material but also what they like and are interested in. This way, he not only covers the curriculum but also throws in an element of fun, which is very important for our younger students. He is very good at developing confidence within young students, and by delivering an accessible curriculum, no student will be left behind. Finally, he is a dedicated teacher with an excellent track record; he is dedicated to helping his students succeed, taking into consideration different learning styles, and also by differentiating each lesson.


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