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DJ Eyjey is a talented Tunisian DJ and music producer, currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Known for his passion for discovering and incorporating new sounds in his sets and performances, Eyjey began his musical journey as a house music DJ in Birmingham, UK in 2016. He played at local clubs and bars to perfect his craft and develop his signature sound.

In 2017, Eyjey returned to the UAE and immersed himself in the vibrant club culture and nightlife scene. He quickly established himself as one of the top emerging DJs in the region, performing alongside many local heavywaeight DJs and even opening for world-renowned artists like Big Sean, Deadmau5, Giggs, Above & Beyond, Digga D and more.

Overtime, Eyjey's sound has evolved to include the club sounds of RnB, Hiphop, and Reggaeton, while still paying homage to his roots in House Music through creative flips and remixes during his sets. He has released some tracks on SPRV Records and a solo release on Pascal Junior's record label, Epic Tones.

As of 2023, Eyjey has become an affiliate DJ of the renowned record pool, DJ City, where he releases exclusive remixes and tracks. Eyjey's sound selection and performances constantly evolve and adapt to trends, catering to any setting and environment.

In addition to his music career, Eyjey is also the designated product specialist at Selecta DJ's, a DJ Gear & Music production store and experience center based in Dubai. His expertise and knowledge in the field make him a trusted source of advice and guidance for budding musicians and DJs in the region.
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