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Enter Dolls House DXB, a sensational girl band forged in the glittering expanse of Dubai, boasting five extraordinarily talented musicians hailing from diverse corners of the globe. With a magnetic blend of sounds and styles, their mission is simple: to kick-start the party with a dynamic fusion of handpicked uplifting house and dance anthems infused with a hint of rock 'n' roll attitude. Allow us to introduce the Dolls... Hailing from the UK is DJ E.M.A, whose eclectic mix of electronic party beats spans from old-school house classics to contemporary chart-toppers. Teaming up with compatriot Lauren, whose captivating vocals add depth and dimension to their performances, this duo has crafted a truly unique sonic experience. Yet, the ensemble wouldn't be complete without Dubai's leading female Scottish saxophonist, Kerri, whose soulful melodies inject a dose of funk and flair. Complementing her is Mary Ann on violin, whose ethereal harmonies weave an enchanting tapestry of sound, while the spirited Egyptian percussionist, Basma, infuses the air with rhythmic energy, elevating the vibe to unparalleled heights. Together, these Dolls are the epitome of party perfection, a harmonious blend of talent and charisma destined to ignite any gathering with their infectious energy and irresistible beats. In their own words, the Dolls declare: “We are thrilled to unveil our creation to the world, so shake your tail feather, and get ready to party with us!"
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