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Darryl, with 10 years of experience as skilled Quizmaster, has been orchestrating lively quiz and music bingo events in UAE at venues such Mcgettigan’s, Belgian Beer Cafe, Els Club and Stars N Bars to name a few. Currently, he is actively hosting these engaging gatherings at popular venues such as Mccaferty’s, UBK, Duck Hook and a plethora of other locales. These events go beyond conventional quiz nights, encompassing a diverse range of quiz rounds covering general knowledge, sports, music, moves and even TV advert identification. What distinguishes Darryl’s events are the interactive and entertaining activities interwoven between quiz rounds, which include :

*Music Bingo, where participants identify artists based on song samples on their bingo cards.

*Clay Dough sculpting, where attendees fashion sculptures from clay dough like the Iconic Burj Al Arab.

*Paper airplane distance challenge, determining the furthest throw of a paper airplane.

*Dance off, a spirited tie-breaker featuring teams competing in a dance-off to the tune of Michael Jacksons “Thriller”.

*Wipe out round, resembling the concept of “Family Feud” where one wrong answer leads to immediate elimination.

*Jam Doughnut Challenge, a fast paced task where the first to lick their lips is eliminated.

*Burger Challenge, details of which are likely disclosed during event.

*Junk in the trunk, where teams vigorously shake boxes tied to their waists to release as many balls as possible.

In essence, Darryl’s remarkable tenure as Quizmaster spanning a decade has been marked by his unique and interactive approach to quiz and music bingo nights. With his current hosting activities at prominent venues, he continues to infuse each event with a blend of entertainment laughter and engaging challenges that keep participants eagerly returning for more.

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