Darryl has been running quiz and music bingo nights throughout the UAE for the last 8 years at venues such Mcgettigan's, Belgian Beer Cafe, Els Club and Stars N Bars to name a few. Not just your typical quiz night! Darryl usually runs a fun varied quiz which includes your usual rounds such as general knowledge, sport, music, films, name the TV advert on screen etc as well as fun interactive rounds in between which gets everyone laughing such as:
>Music bingo (I will play samples of songs and the teams have to cross the Artists off their bingo card)
>Clay dough (For example: make a sculpture of the Burj Al Arab from the clay dough)
>Paper Aeroplane (Who can throw the furthest)
>Dance off (E.g. In the event of a tie break, teams will have to dance off to Micheal Jackson - Thriller)
>Wipe out (Similar to family fortunes, looking for the top 4 answers, 1 answer wrong all wrong, wiped out)
>Jam Doughnut challenge (First one to lick their lips are out)
>Burger challenge

>Junk in the trunk (Teams have to shake as many balls out of a box tied to their waist)
>Balloon pop (Pairs have to pop as many balloons against each other with no hands)
>Plank challenge
>Themed quiz nights E.g Friends TV theme
>The cocktail challenge, name the ingredients
>Keep ups with a football
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