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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are celebrations held to commemorate the anniversary of a person's birth. These events can take various forms, from small, intimate gatherings to larger parties with friends and family.

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Today is a great day!

Not every day is your birthday, so it’s important to invite all your friends and family to celebrate with you. That's why we prepare the ultimate birthday package! Today is a great day!

Bouncy Castle

Do you want to surprise your kids with the biggest birthday castle they’ve ever seen? 
The Bouncy Castle is the ideal choice for you. 
This bouncer is ideal for all types of celebrations and will provide your children with endless hours of entertainment. 
For your next birthday party, rent the castle bouncer.


If there’s no cake, is it really a birthday party? Although everybody has their tastes, and we’ll concede that certain people just don’t like birthday cake.


Invite one of our talented face painters to your party; we have variety of designs to choose from.


We have balloons for every occasion, including happy birthday balloons, sports balloons, religious balloons, baby shower (gender reveal) balloons, mother’s day balloons, graduation balloons, valentine’s balloons, and more!

Table and Stool Hire

If you don’t want complete decor setup, this is great choice. Plain white tables (50cm 50cm) and stools (50cm 50cm). There are ten tables for total of thirty children. 
(We can also accommodate over 30 children!)

Photographer / Videographer

It can be difficult to find the right photographer for a children’s party. We’ve taken care of it so you can relax.


This is perfect opportunity for all of your guests to take wonderful memory of your child’s party home with them. 
Theme-related props and colorful backdrop.

Led Par Cans

With par can lighting, you can strike the ideal balance between 
more sufficient lighting artistic expression. 
It’s for reason that it’s the most commonly used form of show 
lighting for both artistic and traditional purposes.
A super simple design makes setup a breeze and ensures that it suits any budget, while an ultra bright, directional LED light transforms any room, literally transforming it from night to day.


Best of all, since they don’t need much space, Children’s Magicians may perform anywhere from large stage to small living room. 
Book with us now for more information on booking this type of 
activity, including location, set up specifications, cost, and how to.

Popup Bar

Using a mobile popup bar in your event provides a one-of-a-kind feel of indoor comforts in the great outdoors! Your guests will undoubtedly relax and enjoy your event once they take a seat at our bar.

LED Dancefloor

How fun it is to dance with the people around you? Beautiful music and moving together with the lights? Book now!

Festoon & Fairy Lights

Festoon lighting is a favorite choice for lighting up weddings and other special occasions and looks stunning strung up outdoors between trees or with a built-up structure. They come in all lengths tailored to your event

Fog Machine

With a thick fog performance, this strong and compact fog machine brings any wedding, group, dance, or school event to life.


Surprise your child with the ultimate sleepover party experience and create lasting memories.


Add some magical fun to your kid’s birthday party with this unicorn piñata. Unicorn piñata double’s up to both the party decoration and the fun activity.

outdoor Cinema

A unique way to have a birthday party. Share your happy moments with everyone.

Popcorn & Candyfloss

Bring the childhood whimsy and delight to your next event—rent a popcorn and cotton candy machine! These bold, bright, iconic party rentals are as festive as they are fun, and turn out dozens and dozens of deliciously sweet, fluffy cotton candy cones in just minutes. Whether it’s an outdoor barbecue, birthday party, company picnic, carnival or any event looking for a sweet add-on, a cotton candy machine rental ensures your guests will have a ball or a popcorn! For kids, it’s the perfect go-to between party time fine and, for adults, it brings back the sweet, fun taste of childhood summers—there’s no better treat!


Need kids entertainment at your event?
You’ve come to the right place! 
We’re like an indoor playground that comes to you at the time and place that’s most convenient for you. 
We can render any space baby and kid-friendly, whether it’s indoors or out. 
We have extra-large ball pools, soft play facilities, bouncers, climbers, and more.

Puppet Show

Our puppet characters are one-of-a-kind in that they can communicate with children, and all puppeteers are voice actors who can fit the character’s voice.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are extremely popular among children. Each guest will take home a cool project they made at your party if they choose one of these. We have sand art, candy art, wax hands, and more in our arts and crafts section.


Take a look and explore our experienced and professional DJ database below. When you find the DJ most suited for your event then simply click Book Now below.


Creating birthday invitations is a fun and personalized way to set the tone for the celebration and communicate important details to your guests.

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine for parties. A machine that produces bubbles quickly and efficiently.

AV Sounds

We provide AV equipment rentals for 5-star hotels, clubs, and bars who are looking to hire music equipment for their shows and events. We offer you a wide range of AV equipment which includes speakers, lighting, trussing, special effects, LED dance floors and much more.


These fluffy and sweet mascots are common at children’s parties and parades because they are so adorable. Adults enjoy donning Mascot Costumes to spice up fancy dress parties and activities.

Silent Disco Headphones

I know you’ve been eyeing this!
Silent Disco Headphones are available exclusively from Box Entertainment for all of your events.
Keep up with the new trends!


If you have space and want to share the ultimate relaxing experience with your family and friends during your parties, we believe we can help.

Pony Rides

Each child attending your event will be able to ride the pony and wave to their friends and family. Pony rides can be offered in most backyards, sidewalks, parking lots, and public parks by hand-led ponies. Each pony is accompanied by an expert handler.

Game Host

Hire a male emcee who’ll entertain your guests with his unique sense of humour and quick wit. Darryl is an entertaining event host known for his ability to connect with guests of all ages and rally them together in a thunderous cloud of laughter and applause. Showcasing his strong background in radio presenting, sports, and entertainment, our exceptional emcee will keep guests engaged and entertained for hours. 

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