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Calligrapher Aziz is a professional Egyptian calligrapher and artist currently residing in the United Arab Emirates since 2014. Born in Egypt in 1988, Aziz has harbored a passion for Arabic calligraphy since childhood—a talent evident to those around him from an early age. His journey with Arabic calligraphy commenced in 1994 when he began imitating and writing Arabic letters from textbooks in the first grade, despite being unable to read at the time. For Aziz, Arabic calligraphy transcended mere professional pursuit; it became a profound connection and a love affair with the Arabic letters that captured his mind and heart. In 1997, while in the fourth grade, Aziz's dedication to writing and practicing in front of his classmates and teachers led to him being tasked by the school administration to create school boards for students and write educational materials for teachers. The result was admiration and amazement from his peers, teachers, and school administration, surpassing his age and experience, which motivated him to continue honing his skills. In 2002, he decided to study Arabic calligraphy at the Academy and School for Improving Arabic Calligraphy in Cairo, under the guidance of leading calligraphy professors such as Khedr El-Borsa'idi, Mohamed Hammam, and Mohamed Haddad. From 2001 to 2013, Aziz worked as a calligrapher and painter, crafting advertising signs for shops and companies and managing several election campaigns for the People's Assembly, Shura Council, and local councils in the Arab Republic of Egypt. During his university years at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Department, Alexandria University, he learned the rules, arts, and secrets of Arabic calligraphy and drawing from the college's professors and art luminaries, graduating in 2012. In 2014, Aziz relocated to the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) to work as a professional calligrapher, writing, engraving, and carving names on perfumes and creating logos on bags for renowned international brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, and Dior. He also worked in major Middle Eastern stores such as Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols, Galleria Mall, Yas Mall in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, among others. Aziz has participated in numerous official and private events, writing names, messages, and congratulatory telegrams with Arabic calligraphy being a prominent feature. These events include the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, Ramadan and Eid celebrations, dinners, and various other occasions. As an artist, Aziz has participated in numerous Arabic calligraphy competitions in the United Arab Emirates and has his works displayed in many Arab and foreign countries, including Russia, Brazil, England, and France, among others. Aziz excels in designing logos for individuals and companies, utilizing Arabic calligraphy letters to enhance the identity of the institution. He contributes to the promotion of Arabic calligraphy as one of the most important and sophisticated forms of Arab art and heritage through lectures and courses in the United Arab Emirates. Aziz is distinguished by his ability to write professionally in both Arabic and English language.
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