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DJ BURLENE (PRESS KIT) From rocking gigs all over the United Arab Emirates to becoming a prominent DJ across Asia, DJ Burlene is an internationally recognized female DJ/turntablist. Best known for her creative open format with a distinct urban flavour, DJ Burlene was recently listed as one of the "Top Female Musicians in the UAE" by Time Out Dubai. A DJ with a keen taste for all music genres, she has DJ’d for some of the hottest clubs in the UAE including Club Seven in Dubai, Hub 33 in Abu Dhabi, and currently Bla Bla Beach Club in Dubai. She has also worked with major brands like Victoria’s Secret Pink, Cosmopolitan Magazine Middle East, La Senza, and Shein. DJ Burlene has toured around the globe including countries like Qatar, Maldives, Oman, the Philippines, and India. She is most complimented for her peculiar playlist with vast music genres. As an entertainer, her utmost desire is to keep her audience entertained and ecstatic in any event.
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